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4 week Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness with Penny McGahey

Excellent teacher, easy to understand & relate to. Excellent facilities, very conducive to relaxation. Thank you

The teacher is an inspirational delightful gift who has helped to put many little knowings into some tangible practice.

Penny is lovely and I enjoyed her kind teaching. I will miss coming to this class and will be back to visit the drop in sessions.

Penny had a beautiful relaxing voice and made me feel so comfortable in the group.

All good. Such a nice space, good atmosphere and good equipment. Thank you

Really helpful, practical ideas!

I initially started off as quite sceptical of the idea of meditation. Now I really feel  that I understand how to do it and the benefits.

Buddhist Meditation with Stephen Malloch

It is a lovely space to meditate in a group and I come away from every one of Stephens classes feeling as if I have learned something very profound.

My whole perspective on life is improved after every class with Stephen. The meditations are really effective and his talks are fantastic. Thank you

Buddhist teaching and meditation are so completely relevant to todays lifestyle. They bring it all into a much happier perspective. I am so grateful for Stephens kind teaching.

Meditating in a group is a very special experience and the teaching of Buddhism make the class so interesting. My interest in meditation has been strenghthened so much by Stephens classes.

Holistic Balance for Women – 1 day Workshop with Jo Keers & Penny McGahey

Highly recommended workshop. A good range of skills presented and experienced, the day flowed well & was beautifully facilitated. The location was gorgeous and the meals delicious!

An excellent day for body and soul. Stimulation for all the senses!

Beautifully presented, informative & practical. Thank you both for putting on this 1 day course to help me start my journey.

This was my first attempt at meditation and Penny presented it so simply, in a way anyone could understand – beautiful. Jo’s expertise at presenting excercises at a level that can suit anyone is fantastic. A gift of a day.

It was a heavenly day where all my distractions quietly disappeared & I was able to just be with me. Thank you

This wonderful day is a very special day for body and mind. Thank you

An excellent day. Thank you to the both of you. It was a perfect balance of physical & mental.

Both Jo and Penny were well prepared and professional while still being personal caring and fun. Thank you

It was such a beautiful, peaceful day. Im sure I will be able to incorporate so many aspects of it into my daily life. Thank you

Thank you Penny so much for your wonderful help and support.  Can’t wait to come back and develop my new found techniques.

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