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Image of Solano Domingos
Solano Domingos

With a background in the corporate world Solano Domingos studied business administration in his homeland Brazil and hold a diploma in advanced business management in Australia. During his whole life Solano has been in contact with a variety of religious and spiritual traditions as he has always been interested in exploring our reality and its Read More…

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Image of Bruno Macagi de Seabra
Bruno Macagi de Seabra

Bruno is a holistic healer, certified meditation teacher, trainer and facilitator. He started his spiritual training from a very early age when he was introduced to different kinds of spiritual and shamanic practices in Brazil. For many years, he studied and practiced Kardecism, “Brazilian Spiritism” and Seicho-No-Ie (Japanese Philosophy); as well as holding a degree Read More…

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Image of Bassam Younes
Bassam Younes

Breathwork therapist, life coach, and meditation teacher Bassam Younes, enables holistic aspirants, yogis, and life coaches and to share their vision and make a difference in the world! He is the founder of 21 Day online youvolution community that helps everyday people to rewire their brain to be positive and constructive and has been a Read More…

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Image of Sonja Sedmak
Sonja Sedmak

Sonja Sedmak is a registered acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Qigong teacher. She has studied Qigong and meditation for more than thirty years. Her Qigong teachers have come from the Daoist, Buddhist, Japanese and Thai traditions. Sonja studied Mindfulness and Buddhist psychology with Thich Nhat Hahn in Plum Village, and with meditation teachers Read More…

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Image of Sabine Ludewig
Sabine Ludewig

  Sabine is the owner of the Northern Beaches Meditation Centre. She is a certified Meditation Teacher, Facilitator and Trainer. She completed her Transformative Meditation Teacher Certificate at Awareness Institute and holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, Education and Anthropology. Sabine is passionate about supporting people on their life path through introducing meditation and mindfulness Read More…

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Image of Penny McGahey
Penny McGahey

Penny McGahey was the founder of the Northern Beaches Meditation Centre in Sydney. Having experienced  the profound benefits of meditation she was motivated to establish a unique northern beaches centre that purely focused on meditation and mindfulness practice. Her inspiration has resulted in a ‘place on the beaches’ where people can come to learn and understand Read More…

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