Solano Domingos

With a background in the corporate world Solano Domingos studied business administration in his homeland Brazil and hold a diploma in advanced business management in Australia.

During his whole life Solano has been in contact with a variety of religious and spiritual traditions as he has always been interested in exploring our reality and its mysteries.

From the Judaic Christian teachings to African and South American native ceremonies and rites back in Brazil, Solano has been learning from different teachers and schools of wisdom, later on, extending his exploration to Buddhism and Hindu teachings. One of the main results of this exploration and study of the wisdom from the past is the practice of meditation which Solano has been practicing for over 7 years and teaching for over 3 years.

After experiencing the transformative power of meditation and study the practice with his first teacher Simon Hollington in Australia, Solano decided to spread the word of this powerful science and art and prepared himself for it engaging in a meditation/mindfulness teacher’s training under the mentoring and supervision of Louise Gilmore at Awareness Institute in Sydney. Louise is a reference in meditation and mindfulness teacher’s training in Australia and the Awareness Institute Meditation Teacher’s Training is accredited by the IMTA – International Meditation Teacher’s Association and the ATMA – Australian Teachers of Meditation Association.

As a certified teacher and group facilitator in Transformative Meditation and mindfulness practices with over 3 years experience in teaching groups and private coaching sessions, Solano is also a Reiki Master, and has been initiated into Sekhem Seichim Energy Healing and to South American Ceremonial Healing and shamanic practices.
Apart from his work as a teacher and healer Solano works with the company Insight Timer Meditation App as a Publishing Manager.”

 You can contact Solano via email or mobile 0414 225 652.

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