Penny McGahey

Penny McGahey was the founder of the Northern Beaches Meditation Centre in Sydney.

Having experienced  the profound benefits of meditation she was motivated to establish a unique northern beaches centre that purely focused on meditation and mindfulness practice.

Her inspiration has resulted in a ‘place on the beaches’ where people can come to learn and understand that meditation is not mystical. That with guidance and practice these skills can effectively change our living patterns and our life balance.

She has firsthand experience of the work life balance challenge having spent 25 years on the northern beaches juggling a busy life filled with family, a successful business and finding her own self. She knows that the balance that can be found through the skills of meditation and mindfulness practice can allow people to access happier, healthier and more harmonious lives. Penny believes that every individual in the world has a unique contribution to make and through meditation and mindfulness practice we can find a way to access our true potential.

If you would like to listen to guided meditation practices with Penny you can use the Insight Timer App, go to guided and then search her name. There are practices for Loving Kindness, Body Scan and also Breath Meditation.

Penny is also the founder of a free community based initiative “Sit in Stillness“. This is a practice of shared stillness, openhearted presence, kindness, gratitude and community. You can find a group by going to The hope is that anywhere in the world people can come together to sit in community spaces, beaches, parks, offices, schools and that this practice might become a recognised way for people looking for a way to pause in this busy world. That for half and hour we can put aside our “doing”, put down our devices and join together in a practice of stillness. Penny is the regular leader for the Mona Vale Sit in Stillness group that meets on Mona Vale Beach every Friday morning at 7am (weather permitting).

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