Private & Online Classes

Private Meditation Coaching Sessions allow you to customize your training schedule to fit your life and focus on the issues and challenges you are facing in your daily life.

Our Private Meditation Coaching Programs are designed to help beginners and those who already practice meditation and want to reconnect or move forward with their practices and prefer to take meditation classes by themselves, or with friends/family/co-workers, in the privacy of their homes, at their offices, at teacher’s place and/or online sessions via Skype. Even though some people are comfortable meditating in a group setting, there are those who wish to meditate in private with an experienced meditation teacher. Private Meditation Coaching also enables us to really focus on an individual’s needs or the needs of a small group that shares similar interests or possibly has similar issues.

In a private coaching session, the meditation will be specifically tailored for those attending. These sessions are a very powerful experience as the journey will be about addressing one or more issues that people are facing and embarking on a self-realization journey.

The Private Meditation Coaching Program can help:

  • – develop a meditation routine that really fits your life. A routine that you find easy to do, and you look forward to each day.
  • – with practical techniques and strategies for dealing with a busy mind.
  • – find ways to meditate when major life changes come along.
  • – reinvigorate your practice when you feel stuck in a rut.

Our program aims to enable people to gradually achieve a very still, quiet, relaxed state where their minds become clear and radiant and they experience a sense of joy.

Whatever personal challenges you are facing with your meditation practice or if you would like to learn meditation, a private meditation class is a great opportunity to grow, expand and deepen your journey!

If you are interested in our Private Meditation Coaching Program and online classes and would like to receive more information, please, get in touch via email or mobile 041 422 5652.

Give yourself the one-on-one attention you deserve. Be our guest and enjoy a session with your personal guide.

Thank you!

*We are working on creating online enrollment and payment. Soon all will be available here.

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