Private Meditation Coaching

What is a Meditation Coach?

A meditation coach is an experienced meditation teacher who can choose from a range of techniques to design a personal meditation practice for you. Any difficulties or challenges can be quickly recognized and resolved.

How does the program work?

The personal practice that a coach creates for you is based on your interests, learning style and especially your strengths. From the vast array of available techniques, your coach will choose the one for you that you are more likely to enjoy and stay motivated. This doesn’t mean that meditation will always be smooth sailing. Sometimes, as you go deeper you may confront difficult issues from your life. Your coach will be available to help you negotiate your way through.

Your program with your coach typically begins with a discussion around your strengths and what parts of your life could be improved or transformed. People who incorporate meditation into their lives, over time can become less stressed, better able to concentrate, think creatively, communicate effectively and reach levels of peak performance. They are often also more balanced, quick thinking and in touch with their own core strengths and values.

The sessions can be arranged online or/and at the comfort of students place so there’s plenty of flexibility regarding schedule. Some outdoors sessions can also be organized upon students agreement.

Who is the program designed for?

The program is suitable for complete beginners, but also for experienced meditators who want to reconnect with their practices or those who seem to be stuck with their current meditation routine.

If you would like to bring these advantages into your life, your meditation coach can offer a short course of weekly or fortnightly individual meditation coaching sessions, followed by as many regular follow-up sessions as you need to consolidate your practice.

An individual program that works at your own speed is a very efficient use of your time and finances.

Get in touch on 041 422 5652 or via email for further enquiries.

Class Details

  • Starts: 01/04/2019
  • Number of Days: 5
  • What Day is it on: Multiple
  • When: 5

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