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Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop

This workshop is designed for non-meditators, occasional meditators or ‘once-were’ meditators. You will be guided and skillfully taught the simple skills of meditation and mindfulness practice. You will learn how to be present to each moment, finding stillness amongst the busyness of life. The course is mainstream and practical. Participants are not made to sit in funny positions or change their beliefs in any way. You will be shown in simple steps how to achieve a deep sense of physical relaxation and focus, to help you achieve a more peaceful and calm state of mind.

You will learn:

  • How to establish and maintain a regular practice in your daily life.
  • How this practice can lead to a greater sense of peace and calm.
  • How to be mindful and present in what you do each day.

In just 2.5 hours you will discover how meditation and mindfulness practice can bring more meaning to your day and a happier relationship with your working and personal life.

Bookings for this course can be made by filling in the booking form below or through contacting Solano: / 0414 225 652

Upcoming workshop dates & locations: 

  • 9 February 2019 (9.30am-12pm) in Brookvale: 106 Old Pittwater Rd

Class Details

  • Starts: 9 February 2019
  • Number of Days: 1
  • What Day is it on: Saturday
  • Start Time: 9.30am
  • Finish Time: 12pm
  • Course Cost: $75

Interested? sign up below!

Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop

If you would like to join this workshop please complete the form below or call us on 0410 066 965.

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