What is Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

Meditation and mindfulness practice are increasingly being recognised as valuable skills for achieving a balanced life.

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind. The word meditate stems from the Latin root meditatum, meaning ‘to ponder’.

Depending on the style practiced, broadly speaking meditation is holding ones attention on a subject, object or process. Through the practice of meditation you can train your mind to achieve a greater state of peace and calm.

Through the inner understanding and stillness that meditation offers you can find emotional balance, gratitude and happiness in your daily life. It enhances personal insights and taps into the innate potential for self-healing and wisdom that we all have. Through meditation you can begin to understand what we call the ‘ true self’.

This allows us to live more consciously in this ever changing world.

Mindfulness Practice is moment by moment awareness with qualities like compassion, curiosity and acceptance. It allows you to be awake and fully present to your life bringing greater insight into the way you manage yourselves. In essence mindfulness practice can bring you more in tune with how to be a human ‘being’ as opposed to a human ‘doing’.

Although meditation and mindfulness practice are not complicated to learn the benefits will only be obtained with regular practice and persistence.

Some of the benefits that can be experienced are:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, anger and tension
  • Less emotional turmoil
  • More joy, love and spontaneity
  • Greater sense of self awareness, self understanding and self acceptance
  • Deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • Improvement in concentration, clarity of thought and memory
  • Increased ability to solve problems creatively
  • Increased sense of humour, the ability to see the light side of things
  • The ability to address addictions and other self-defeating behavior
  • Improved sleep and the ability to know when to rest
  • Lower blood pressure and cholestrol
  • Improved intimacy with friends and family members


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