NBMC is about Empowering Individuals Creating a Powerful Community Through Wisdom, Freedom and Love

Vision – Roots & Seeds

At NBMC we envisioned a community composed by empowered individuals that live in harmony and collaboration; where the contemplative arts awaken and guide it’s people; where wisdom and love are it’s foundational bases serving as a starting point for all decisions and actions, consequently, leading us to a path of growth and expansion. A community where freedom, respect and kindness are the guidelines that permeate all aspect of our lives.

Mission – Cultivating Inner Growth and Expansion

Our mission is to help people who are searching for a more meaningful, compassionate and productive life by providing the necessary tools for consciousness expansion, addressing physical and mental health and well being so the connection with a higher form of consciousness reveals itself in people’s lives. This mission also entails that we support those who are providing the practices and modalities which will enable people to heal themselves, transcend their negative mental conditionings and expand their consciousness creating a circle of love, compassion and mutual support within our community where we move together as one acknowledging and respecting diversity and individual freedom.


Stress, fatigue and tension rob us and all those living around us of our clear thinking, creative, energetic , happy and healthy self. When this happens we’re unable to enjoy our lives to the fullest and can feel a sense of something lacking or incomplete.
Meditation is a life skill that can easily be learnt and practiced with broad reaching positive effects – primarily for you, but also helping your family, your friends, our society and the world.
Perhaps you want to strengthen your practice or learn a different style of meditation? Or you may want to enjoy the benefits of meditating in a group. Whatever your intention there is something to learn and you’ll find the group dynamics and discussions are as valuable as the instruction.

To see the preciousness of all things we need to bring our full attention to life.” Jack Kornfield

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