Introduction to Qigong – A Moving Meditation

This four week course will introduce the concepts of Qigong through a series of exercises called Shi Ba Shi or 18 Exercises.

The focus of these classes is on the breath in harmony with gentle movement, mindfulness and body awareness. Staying present and soft as we move, we relax the muscles, open the joints and calm the mind. This allows the qi (energy) to flow and creates a deep internal relaxation of the body, which is one of Qigong’s greatest benefits.

At the end of the short course participants will have:

  • an understanding of the principles of Qigong
  • know what it feels like to be in a state of quiet while moving
  • tools which they can use daily and which will also support their meditation and mindfulness practice.

This class is particularly helpful for those who are suffering the physical effects on their gut, nervous or reproductive systems due to stress and a busy life.

Bookings for this course can be made by filling in the booking form below or through contacting Sonja: or 0405 843 306.

Class location: Suite 206, 658 Pittwater Road, Brookvale NSW 2100 (Entrance is on Sydenham Rd)

Class Details

  • Starts: TBA
  • Ends: TBA
  • Number of Days: 4
  • What Day is it on: Multiple
  • Start Time: 7:15pm
  • Finish Time: 8:15pm
  • Course Cost: $$100 (please contact Sonja if you have trouble affording the course fee)

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